Sara is the head of Business & Client Development at viasto, an IT start-up from Berlin that offers innovative recruitment technology. As a psychologist, she specializes in the field of personnel selection and potential diagnostics and has been involved in the company for 4 years. Prior to this, she has supported (inter-) national corporations in the selection of staff.

Sara lives and works in Berlin. “I love the city after eight years as on the first day. Berlin makes your head free from too many unnecessary conventions. “

“If we no longer fix the performance of our managers in the first reflex on man or woman, but on competencies and qualities, then we are where I am aiming to. Moreover, it would be a good thing for Germany to be more relaxed with the topic, without losing sight of the goal and the way. The debate is too tense for me. I also that PANDA helps with it. “

Viasto is a cooperation partner and provides the interview software for the PANDA 2017 application phase.