Robert Franken consults companies on the development of their digital potential and helps to change organizational cultures. He publishes on topics such as New Work, Digital Transformation and Diversity, holds lectures and keynotes, and moderates workshops and events. Over the past 15 years he has worked for two successful digital platforms. Most recently, he was CEO of, beforehand he transformed the family community to the digital market leader in the parenting segment. He is part of the advisory board of the Berlin Food-Startup Kitchen Stories.

Robert is concerned with the topic of changing corporate cultures along a “more feminine” coordinate systems. He vehemently opposes against “fixing the women” and calls the male system as responsible for the “leaky pipeline” and the lack of women in leadership positions. At the beginning of 2016, he co-founded the platform “Male Feminists Europe” where he initiated among others the initiative #men4equality against all-male panels.