Heidi Stopper looks back on an exciting career as a top manager and an executive board member in the MDAX. She has worked in a wide range of industries, such as high-tech and media industries as well as in various countries, and has helped successfully to shape several major corporate transformations.

She is a sought-after company consultant for transformations, organizational development and digitization, supports CEOs and entrepreneurs as business coach and is a passionate speaker. Ms. Stopper is a lawyer, has a Master of Science degree in human resource management and is a certified coach.

She is married and has a son. The topic of child and career is described by he as a “double fulfillment, double pleasure and never a double burden”. As a former head of the MDAX, she knows about the importance of support and networks. She is therefore active as a mentor for many female executives and is part in several advisory boards. “PANDA is a fresh and positive new approach to bring together great female talents and learn from each other. I am very pleased to be able to accompany the development as an advisor”.