"Some Leaders are born Women. Get used to it!"

Our mission: 50/50!

Half of the population, half of the leadership roles for women. Sounds easy but is still quite a long way.

What we do for it: PANDA promotes women - and brings them together. Ambitious, capable, charismatic women. Those with a lot of experience and those with great goals and even greater potential.

PANDA makes women visible. Offers them a great network, an exchange platform and impulses for their personal development. Brings them together with companies, jobs and opportunities.

PANDA wants to be Europe's largest and strongest network for management women.
You want to be part of it? Apply!

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PANDA provides a platform for experienced female leaders and young talent. Our goal: We want to create an added value. Networking, contacts, jobs. Feedback, self-reflection, encouragement. We want to be role models and make you those, we want to share and incentivise. This is the essence of PANDA and there is more. And where can you encounter both opportunities and possibly barriers for women in the workplace? In companies! That's why we build the bridge for companies that already support current and future female leaders, and those that want to learn how they can improve their position towards women in leadership for the benefit of all of their employees. Or just want to learn great leadership women.



PANDA helps women advance! Personally and in the job environment. Take feedback on board, learn through new experiences, seize opportunities. All that at at one event!



At PANDA, some really fabulous women come together. They want to be challenged. To learn. To support each another. And establish incredible contacts in one go.



PANDA aims to bring companies and female leaders and leadership talent together. Many companies nowadays are specifically looking for women for certain leadership roles. At PANDA, company representatives learn a lot about women who have the talent, experience and desire to lead.



There are plenty of great women out there! We want to bring them to the surface, create visibility, allow them to be seen. Our participants bring out the best in themselves. The most convincing ones are honoured with the other participants votes in a crowdranking evaluation.


You want to be here? Join! You have ideas, suggestions, feedback? Let us know: ih(at)we-are-panda(dot)com

What PANDA offers to companies

More and more companies are advocating for women to advance in management. They want to create opportunities. Reconsider their existing structures. Change. Or they are simply looking for contacts with great, inspiring existing and future female leaders. Are you such a company and do you want to become a part of PANDA? Then sign up:

With PANDA companies can...


    Meet some of the great we know, those who already lead today and those who have the ability to do so in the future.


    We want more women in leadership positions!


    How do we become more attractive to women in leadership positions?



We cooperate with companies, networks and institutions that like us are passionate about wanting to see more women in leadership positions.

You want to be involved as a business partner? Contact us!

Strategic Partners

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Events Partners

Cooperation Partners

Thanks to all who are already here! Together, we are creating change! You aren’t a partner yet but you want to have more women in leadership roles? Contact us!



The PANDA Advisory Board consists of supporters from various fields.
They help us to make PANDA known and better.
Dear Advisory Board, a big thank you for it!



About Us

  1. PANDA is born. 🙂

  2. PANDA 1.0

  3. PANDA 2.0

  4. PANDA 3.0

  5. PANDA University Law 1.0

  6. Founding of PANDA GmbH

  7. PANDA 4.0

  8. PANDA Digital 1.0 Berlin

  9. PANDA University Law 2.0

  10. PANDA Automotive

  11. PANDA 5.0

  1. PANDA Digital 2.0 Munich

  2. PANDA Digital 3.0 Berlin

  3. PANDA Law 3.0

Why are we called PANDA?

  1. There is a parallel between PANDAS and women in leadership roles in Germany: They are rare. Now, you could say that women in senior management positions aren't an endangered species at all. This is pleasing but not enough for us. We want more of this species, we need the population to grow!
  2. PANDAs are stronger then you might think. If they have to defend their territory the female Panda bear is strong and combative- no longer comfortable and sweet. Female leaders in the German economy can and need to be strong and combative as well.
  3. No one else is called PANDA.
  4. These are enough reasons. Just choose the one you like the most. . 🙂



Isabelle Hoyer

THE BOSS. Has founded PANDA with Stuart and also wears the trousers (or the top hat if you like).

Isabelle Hoyer

Nicole Bulawa

THE NORDIC ALL-PURPOSE WEAPON. Involved in all PANDA projects, focusing on the application process and is the solid as a rock for applicants.

Nicole Bulawa
Stuart Cameron

Stuart Cameron

THE QUOTAS-MAN. Has founded PANDA with Isa and is responsible for the STICKS & STONES fair and thousand other things.

Jessica Fröhlich

Jessica Fröhlich

THE NETWORKER. Supports the further development of PANDA, looks after all processes, and she is open to all interests of partner companies.

Juliane Möllmann

THE DANISH EXTERNAL. Takes care of the organization of individual PANDA projects and conjures up with digital tools.

Juliane Möllmann



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